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You have a dream website in mindbut find it to challenging to build.You want that website but ---don't want to pay an arm and a leg.Well here at we believe that:If You dream it. We can build it!And at an affordable cost too!Let's get started Today!

KodaWeb and You
Together we can build a website you want!

Building websites is an exciting adventure for most, and for most it is a simple process. Unfortunately, those do it yourself websites just don’t have the personal and professional touch you are looking for. We make website as you request, and realized we liked making them. Thus, KodaWeb was then established with the consumer in mind.

Since 2007

KodaWeb believes that by listening to the customer and brainstorming together that a unique and fully functional one of a kind website will emerge with that personal and professional touch.


KodaWeb builds from the latest templates checking for their ability to work for today and tomorrow’s internet coding. KodaWeb also maintains and updates all websites that are hosted with them.

Fully Mobile

We are 100% mobile and able to provide the best services to our clients, which is why all of our customers are very happy with our constant care and service. They recommend us every time.

01. High Reaching Client.

Our latest and greatest client driven website is SAS Renovation. This website was made with the client’s total input, deciding the design and the clientele of whom the organization desires to reach. They use Google as their SEO and has positive feedback. Feel free to preview this website here at

02. We do Charity.

Helping local charity organizations reach their goals and reach the hearts of their attended audience. It is an honor as you can see in this dog rescue website. We have it linking up with their Adoption Pages as well as their Facebook. Forms and contracts are even on this powerful website. Have a look at it and see if you too could benefit from a charitable website. You can find their website at

03. We even do more things.

We do more than just build your website, then put it on your server and say good luck. If needed we continue to maintain your website at the level you need us to. As you can see here at Fort Jackson, we keep up their website that reaches thousands of people who need updated information constantly.

03. Professionals are us.

Helping to keep the budget low, but still have a high presence on the internet is very important to the local Professional Organizations as they reach their attended audience. We built McKee Flooring’s website from a template and then manipulated it to fit the needs of the client and their audience. It has been a pleasure working with James McKee and an honor to build this powerful website. Have a look at it and see if you too could benefit from a charitable website. You can find their website at

Customer Testimonials